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Elliot Consulting – Business Resiliency Solutions

Elliot Consulting is composed of trusted business advisors who are experts in the development, audit and administration of business contingency, incident response, and disaster recovery programs.

Business Resiliency

Business Resiliency is regarded by many as a blend between enterprise risk management, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery. The term “business resilience” suggests that an organization will be able to mitigate unforeseen risks and have contingency plans in place which will allow the continuation of business operations regardless of the specific incident. Used in this fashion, business resiliency draws upon lessons learned from business continuity planning, emergency management and incident response, and disaster recovery and long-term restoration.

The concepts of contingency planning and incident response grew out of military tactical operations while the principles of disaster recovery and restoration evolved from the technology and facilities management sectors. By blending these diverse disciplines together, an organization can begin the planning process with a proactive evaluation of inherent risks and possible mitigation strategies, which is then quickly followed by a need to understand and protect mission-critical business operations.

The incident response phase may involve evacuating the facility, assembling at a pre-arranged meeting place, taking a headcount of the personnel, and then liaising with the first responder organizations and the media.

Disaster recovery often starts with an assessment of damage to the facility and the technology infrastructure, and then the implementation of a
carefully-orchestrated restoration strategy for recovering technical infrastructure and business operations. Assuming a worst case scenario, the
business unit leaders would first need to focus on recovering operations in a temporary location with limited resources and staffing.

The benchmarks of a business resiliency solution include protecting the people (your staff and customers), the information and technology systems, the facilities, and the means to conduct critical business functions.

Elliot Consulting’s services include:

  • Business continuity planning / COOP (Continuity of Operations Planning)
  • Incident response and emergency management
  • Disaster recovery and restoration of both technology and business operations

Elliot Consulting facilitates the discussions and teams with the staff to collect the critical data to help the organization protect their vital business resources and procedures; and to off-set potential losses from disastrous incidents.

Elliot Consulting also develops and implements customized all-hazards contingency planning and incident response plans; pandemic planning and response strategies; and effective enterprise and technology disaster recovery programs.

Elliot Consulting can audit and help modify existing disaster recovery and business continuity programs to ensure that the essential components of the organization will be able to function in the event of an unplanned disruptive incident. The team from Elliot Consulting will assist with staff training and simulation exercises, as well as regular plan validations and updates to test the thoroughness of a company’s preparedness model.

Our expertise is helping companies mature their strategic plans and operational guidelines which are then used within a comprehensive business resiliency program to help sustain the organization’s business operations.

The Elliot Consulting team members are professionally-certified business continuity planners, business resiliency specialists, and project managers with extensive experience leading preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives in Fortune 200 corporations and government agencies. With expertise in managing these complex requirements Elliot Consulting is able to support a wide variety of strategic planning and resiliency tactics designed around our clients’ needs. Elliot Consulting is a vendor-neutral organization and does not re-sell any products or services.

Elliot Consulting offers a wide variety of end-to-end consulting engagements, educational seminars, and hands-on workshops. Additional information can be found on our website:  http://www.elliot-consulting.com.

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