Crisis Communications / Public Relations Nightmare

Sex scandal at a major University! Sexual harassment allegations against a US Presidential candidate! A large regional power company answering charges that they may have been negligent in their handling of the power outages following the October 29th snow storm! A major theme park discussing how one of their trainers was killed by one of their key show animals! A multi-national petrochemical firm explaining the consequences of an oil leak of unimaginable proportions in the Gulf of Mexico!

Each of these seemingly unrelated incidents have one major element in common — a Public Relations Nightmare in the making.

How would your organization handle these types of scandals? Who would speak on behalf of the organization? What would they say? Who would help them craft the appropriate message, and then give them guidance to field the tough questions which would inevitably follow the initial remarks?

Take the time to follow these stories in the news, and learn from their mistakes. Ask yourself what you would be doing differently, and then make the effort to put some appropriate plans in place.

At any given point in time an executive member of the staff must be prepared to speak on behalf of the organization. In that critical moment, who will take that lead role? Have they been trained?

Just some things to consider as you watch these stories being played out in the media and the court of public opinion…

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